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Apollo Yard helps you tailor your resume and get more job interviews.

Did you know, the first person to review your resume is not a person at all.

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Sophisticated recruiting software analyzes your resume and the job posting to see if the skills and attributes you mention in the resume are a good fit for the job.

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Chances are a person wont even look at your resume before a decision will be made.

More than 90% of all major companies use an Application Tracking System (ATS).

On average, each job posting receives over 300 resumes.

More than 75% of all resumes are rejected by ATS.

Recruiters give preference to resumes that score well on ATS. Typically, recruiters spend 10 - 30 seconds reviewing a resume.

Given the state of hiring (powered by software), you need a sophisticated software that is on your side.

A software that helps you customize your resume for the job and showcases your skills in the best light possible.

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